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Last Updated: August 23, 2012
Having a website has become very popular as web hosting prices have fallen and website design and management tools have become more user friendly and familiar. A major contributor to the practical functionality of web hosting accounts is the development of easy to use web hosting control panels that webmasters can use to create and maintain their websites. Most web hosting accounts come with one of the two-dozen web hosting control panels that are in use today, such as Plesk, ISPmanager and cPanel.

Of all of the web host management systems, cPanel is the most common and probably the most popular because it is easy to use and comes packed with features that make it a practical tool for managing a web hosting account. Designed to simplify the web hosting process, cPanel is a three-tiered, Unix-based web hosting control panel that is supplied by the web host company and is used for tasks like installing websites, creating e-mail accounts and maintaining complex databases. Because it is so user friendly, it makes the technical side of web hosting accessible to users with only a basic understanding of computers, and so it can be a major factor that influences which web hosting service to choose for your website.

Even though many web hosts include cPanel in their packages, not all of them offer the same version of it and there are variations in the third party script installers that come with them, which may affect the decision. There are also other, more general factors to consider at the same time, including the quality of the service, reliability and speed of data transfer, and of course the cost. In order make the decision between cPanel-based web hosting accounts easier, we have reviewed the top web hosting services that are using cPanel, and have chosen the best three deals.

We reviewed 8 of the most popular cPanel hosting companies based on the following criteria:

  • Cost Effectiveness - Is the service a good deal?
  • Reliability - Does the service offer excellent uptime and fast server response times?
  • Easy to Use - Is it simple to setup a new website or transfer an old one?

Rating 10/10

Cost Effectiveness
Easy to Use

"The best cPanel hosting company at the lowest price..."

BlueHost is one of the longest established web hosts and has a reputation for being a reliable service that provides excellent technical support and the latest web hosting tools to its users. BlueHost's accounts come with the latest versions of cPanel, which is packed with features that many other web hosts charge extra to include. All of the e-commerce applications that most users will need to create a retail website are included, and there are a range of e-mail marketing tools that come with a choice of anti-spam scripts as well.

BlueHost uses Simple Scripts as its commercial scripts installer, which currently includes over seventy scripts like WordPress, content and client management software and even project management scripts like Basecamp. Simple Scripts is very user friendly and claims on its website that even a four-year old could use it. It is a hosted service, which means that it allows users to add scripts even if they aren't supported by their individual web host. There are also a couple of website building applications included in BlueHost's cPanel; the template based Trendy Site Builder and the more technical Ruby on Rails web design script.

Beyond the version of cPanel that BlueHost is offering, their service comes as a single, all-inclusive shared web hosting package at $6.95 per month, and allows unlimited domains, disk space and bandwidth as well as all of the e-mail accounts and databases that you want to create. An SSL page is included in the cost of this basic plan and there is a choice of shopping cart scripts as well as the other security features that are necessary to be able to accept payments via your own website. BlueHost also provides great support for multimedia streaming and their super fast, state of the art servers are guaranteed to be able to handle the speeds that you require. Because their technical support staff are 100% in-house in Provo, Utah, BlueHost has a good record of service among their users and provides a reliable web hosting service that can be relied on to have no downtime.

Adding to the excellent value of service they provide, BlueHost also includes a free domain name for the first year as well as $50 in Facebook ads and $100 in Google credits. BlueHost also includes search engine submission and a Yellow Pages directory listing with all of their accounts. Along with providing the most reliable and cost effective web hosting service, BlueHost also has the simplest plan and provides the most user-friendly web management tools available, all of which makes BlueHost easily the best cPanel-based web hosting service available right now.

The Verdict: Simple to use with, great uptime, and fast page loads for $3.95 per month.

Rating 9.3/10

Cost Effectiveness
Easy to Use

Highly Recommended

2. HostGator

HostGator has been around since 2002 and is one of the most popular web hosts because of the range and variety of web hosting options that they provide. They offer three shared web hosting options, a wide range of reseller options as well as a comprehensive choice of VPS and dedicated server packages that allow users to tailor a package to meet their needs. The less expensive shared hosting packages provide limited services, like allowing only one domain to be hosted in the most basic plan, and they include SSL pages and dedicated IPs only in their most expensive plan, which costs $10.36 per month. That makes HostGator slightly more costly than BlueHost's equivalent level of service.

The second place where HostGator trails behind BlueHost is the version of cPanel that they provide. HostGator charges for some of the cPanel features that BlueHost includes as a standard part of their package, which further adds to the cost of web hosting with HostGator. Beyond that, they are also offering fewer options for each of the features, and although they do include enough tools to create and maintain almost any website, it is much more likely that webmasters will need to purchase more third party software for their HostGator hosted website.

Another reason that HostGator might not suit all cPanel users is because it uses Quick Install as its third party commercial scripts installer, which, while still a single click platform, is also a beta program, meaning that it is still in the early stages of its development and may be trickier for some people to use than Simple Scripts or Fantastico. Quick Install does offer a great range of web features, but often the choice of scripts may require more technical knowledge than the average user might possess. This makes Quick Install better suited to the more advanced webmaster and to more technical IT users.

HostGator does provide a reliable service that is backed up by award-winning technical support, and also provides green certification for all of their hosted sites because of their purchase of renewable energy credits to offset their server emissions. They are also only providing only the $100 of Google credit, and users need to buy their domain name. Even though they offer a great service, all of these details place HostGator firmly in second place behind BlueHost as a cPanel-based web hosting service.

Rating 8.7/10

Cost Effectiveness
Easy to Use

Also Recommended

3. JustHost

JustHost is a newer web hosting company that uses BlueHost servers, and so it is offering many of the same services as BlueHost, including in their shared web hosting package. They provide an unlimited web hosting service that includes most of the same applications that are available on BlueHost at a discount rate of $3.75 per month. While this is cheaper than BlueHost's shared web hosting package, JustHost isn't able to offer the same level of direct technical support.

JustHost has a simple web hosting option that is suited to smaller users like hobby bloggers and small businesses. The version of cPanel that is included has all of the features that are needed to design an e-commerce website with a good range of shopping cart scripts, as well as a dedicated IP and SSL page. All of the e-mail software and Internet marketing tools that webmasters use to promote their sites and track results are also included, and the web hosting service provided by JustHost is very user friendly.

Even so, JustHost hasn't been around long enough to have developed a reputation for service and support, and because they are using managed servers for their web hosting, they are offering slightly less of a service than BlueHost. At the same time, their low monthly price does make JustHost very cost effective, as does the free domain that is supplied for the first year. There are also $50 in Facebook ads, $100 in Google and $25 in Bing-Yahoo credits included with every web hosting account, which adds extra value.

There is no doubt that JustHost is offering a good service, but because it has yet to prove its reliability and build its infrastructure, it is still far behind BlueHost for genuine value for money service and reliability. There is very little to separate these three web hosts, and to make the right choice for your website, it may be best to take a close look at the details to make sure that you are getting all of the features that you need. In the long run, the faster servers and more direct service provided by both BlueHost and HostGator mean that JustHost is just behind them in providing a cost effective and quality web hosting service.

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